Bodegas Williams & Humbert is one of the major players within the Sherry and Brandy industry. Founded in 1877 by Alexander Williams and Arthur Humbert in the 1930`s this winery helped to create Spain’s first D.O. of Jerez-Xérèz-Sherry. Nowadays the Company is owned by Medina family, now in second generation.

Awarded with the National Architecture Prize, Williams & Humbert is the largest Bodega in Europe under a single roof and contains over 60.000 American oak casks for ageing Sherry and Brandy.

Williams & Humbert has prime vineyards in one of the best location of the Jerez Superior area- Pagos de Balbaína, Añina y Carrascal The company is involved in production, distribution and sale of wines and spirits. Bodegas Williams & Humbert now sell their products-more than 30 own brands- in over 70 countries. 

W&H produces a wide range of premium SHERRIES: the 6 year range – Canasta, Fino Pando and Dry Sack Mediumthe 12 year Don Zoilo range, as well as special sherries such as Dry Sack 15, Canasta 20, (20 years VOS) Dos Cortados (20 years VOS), Don Guido (20 years VOS) and Jalifa (30 years VORS).Williams & Humbert has recently launched a limited edition of its vintage sherry. The Williams & Humbert vintage collection dates back to 1920, the oldest and most complete of the Jerez Region. W&H has a wide range of STILL WINES from different wine regions in Spain like Ribera, Rioja, Rueda, Mancha and Rías Baixas.  The BRANDIES include Gran Duque de Alba and Alfonso range. Other SPIRITS DRINKS and LIQUORS produced by the company are the rum Dos Maderas, Cubical Gin and Zafiro Gin, Crema de Alba and Vermouth Canasta.