Brandy Gran Duque de Alba evolves its image

Williams & Humbert has evolved the image of its prestigious brand «Gran Duque de Alba». The new presentation has a more modern and contemporary approach whilst conserving the origins of a design whose creativity is part of the company’s heritage. The unique design, with a bottle made of the highest quality glass, underline the exclusivity of this internationally renowned Gran Reserva Brandy.

The new and innovative design gives this bottle a very distinguished look and feel. The closure has an enhanced shape, includes the Coat of Arms of The House of Alba and maintains its distinctive red colour with cork closure.

The new neck collar is in yellow reminiscent of the original label and states the category ‘Solera Gran Reserva’, the highest category of Brandy de Jerez.

The design maintains the characteristic and emblematic red ribbon with the medal bearing the likeness of the (III) “Gran Duque de Alba”.

With the new design comes a new transparent label with the brand name in its almost original lettering, the category of the brandy as well as the original signature of the Gran Duque de Alba (III) himself.

The new bottle is presented in an elegant black giftbox showing the classic characteristics of the Grand Duque de Alba brand in a modernized design.

The brand was launched in 1945 and initially meant to be named after the Seventh Duke of Alba, Jacobo Fitz-James Stuart y Falcó. Nevertheless, just before the Brand was launched, the aristocrat was so greatly impressed when tasting the noble product, he suggested it would be far more appropriate to use the name of his ancestor, Fernando Álvarez de Toledo y Pimentel, the Great Duke of Alba, who had ennobled the House of Alba and was an important historic figure of the 16th century.

Gran Duque d’Alba is one of Spain’s top Gran Reserva Brandies. A careful selection of finest grape spirit, aged for an average of more than 15 years through the unique and dynamic Solera and Criadera system in American oak casks, that had previously matured Williams & Humberts’ most premium Oloroso Sherry. Ideal to sip slowly and savour, neat, or as a base for outstanding cocktails or combinations.

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