Ron Dos Maderas Luxus and its environmental conservation campaign, amongst the 12 best initiatives of 2019

The prestigious Drinks International magazine has chosen Ron Dos Maderas Luxus and its campaign to save turtles in danger of extinction as one of the 12 best initiatives of 2019.

Dos Maderas Luxus collaborates with SOS Nicaragua by making donations to save baby turtles in danger of extinction. These marine turtles play a fundamental role in the maintenance of the marine ecosystem of the Pacific coastal region, including coral reefs and seagrass meadows. The survival of the different species of turtle in these waters is in danger due to the poaching of their eggs, which are sold illegally on the black market, or the illegal use of their shells to make diverse objects. By participating in this campaign important nesting beaches are protected, ensuring that baby turtles are able to cross the sand and reach the sea thanks to beach patrols organized by groups of local residents.

In addition to these donations, Williams & Humbert have decided to donate part of the profits from the sale of each bottle of Dos Maderas Luxus rum to the conservation of these turtles.

The campaign has to date saved over a million turtles in danger of extinction.
Dos Maderas means in Spanish ‘two woods’. Caribbean ageing and Sherry cask ageing. These are the two flavour profiles that we want to achieve. Dos Maderas Luxus is the tope of the range which includes Dos maderas 5+3, Dos Maderas 5+5 and dos Maderas Selección, Dos Maderas Luxus is a blended selection of 10 year old Guyana and Barbados rums and then aged in Jerez: in our Pedro Ximénez casks of Don Guido, in Criadera and Solera for a further 5 years.

David Melero Ceo Sos Nicaragua and Gonzalez Medina International Marketing Manager at W&H: cambiar por: Gonzalo Medina, International Marketing Manager at W&H (on the left) and David Melero Ceo Sos Nicaragua.

This rum is unique worldwide as it acquires tastes and nuances from the two ancient cultures that make it “the rum among all rums”. That is why it is so popular among the most refined palates: it is a real luxury for the most sybaritic. Dos Maderas Luxus is a limited edition: only 3,000 bottles are sold each year as corresponds to a craft product with a manual filling process direct from the cask and only slightly filtered.

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